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collaborators & craftsmen

Every project is an exciting opportunity to engage our interests and exercise our expertise in new ways.  We approach each endeavor with an open mind and an adaptability that allows us to serve a broad range of clients and project types.  We fully immerse ourselves in each project, understanding the design intent, relating to the culture, balancing the demands of budget & schedule, resolving issues and working cohesively in providing a comprehensive execution.  We are modern craftsmen combining a true hands-on approach to building with the discipline of proper project management.  Our work spans from complex projects with multiple interests to smaller intimate projects in occupied spaces. 

We are strong proponents of sustainable construction.  Our methodology is grounded in the traditions of quality craftsmanship and innovative in execution and the pursuit of sustainable energy efficient solutions.  We are passionate about our craft and we enjoy what we do.






As one might imagine, Eric grew up with a hammer in hand, his training possibly starting before his schooling did.  His sixteen years building include several at national construction firms.  With experience spanning residential, luxury retail and office sectors, he combines an acumen for building along with the discipline of proper construction management.  He has handled remote projects in various locations across the country and has expansive pre-con to completion experience in ground-up and fit-out construction of many building types.   

Through exposure to a broad range of industry experience, Eric has found the most fulfilling discipline to be that of a craft builder, the hybrid role of project lead and craftsman.  He believes that quality is in the details which can be controlled on the greatest level when you are engaged in your work.  Eric provides a comprehensive knowledge base and resourcefulness that coupled with his passion and hands-on approach ensures that the client’s specific vision is not compromised. 



Rewinding back to the summer of 1971, Art found himself working for a builder in the Catskill Mountains while on break from studying Archeology at the University of Buffalo.  It wasn’t easy work but it ignited a spark of passion that became a calling to the craft.  With 40 years of practice as an entrepreneur and the opportunities it brought to grow out of the field, Art’s choice was staying true to his calling.  He has always taken on a select few projects each year and given them the attention needed to build them properly as a hands-on craftsman.


What We Do

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Design/Build Collaboration 

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